Helping to inspire, educate, encourage and assist you and your goals through natural medicine. Utilising herbal, homeopathic or flower remedies, nutritional, bio-puncture and counselling modalities to help support, nourish and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit.

  •  Medical herbalist with a background in medicinal herb cultivation, botanical science and post-graduate qualifications in Health Science and herbal medicine.
  •  Bio-puncture practitioner specialising in pain, injuries (acute and chronic), as well scarring and trauma.
  • Counsellor, assisting with lifestyle, goals, blockages and trauma. For this I have the assistance of reflective counselling, homeopathy, flower remedies and meditation/relaxation/mindfulness techniques.

My clinic currently is situated  at home in the beautiful coastal town of Caloundra, Sunshine coast, Queensland, Australia. From a young age I recognised the importance of self-healing, wellbeing and a higher consciousness, enabling insights and acknowledgement of self-development. My journey includes a background of psychiatric welfare, counselling and crisis work. I have also lived on a rural community, raising 2 children, building and farming with permaculture principles, whilst being aware of naturopathic and self-healing attributes.

As a single mum, I trained and worked as massage therapist, studied Theosophical teachings and specialised in counselling, healing and spiritual principles. After completing my Bachelor of Naturopathy at Southern Cross University, I undertook Post graduate studies in Herbal Medicine, working in pharmacy and in clinical practice. Presently, I am enjoying my role in a semi-retirement capacity, specialising in pain, injuries, post surgical, trauma and all sorts of difficult, unresolved cases, as well as general family health. 

Vanessa Black – Naturopath

  • Bio-puncture Practitioner
  • Graduate Diploma of Health Science (Herbal Medicine) (UNE)
  • Bachelor of Naturopathy (SCU)
  • Diploma of Remedial/Chinese Massage
  • Diploma of Spiritual Healing (Theosophical School Melbourne)
  • Diploma of Social Welfare (Psych)


(ATMS) Australian Traditional Medicine Society

Encourage, Educate and Empower