Deep Complex Emotional Issues

As a naturopathic practitioner and counsellor, tucked away in quiet Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast, my specialty is to assist people with deep complex issues, injuries and trauma. There is no way on Earth I would be able to do my work without the wonderful assistance of the Australian Bush flower Essences (ABFE). Although all of these essences are remarkable for their own healing and life changing abilities and although a client’s journey is personally unique, I experience similar and repetitive patterns in people’s behaviour, their situation and inner emotional states. For example, levels of attachment, being stuck or being so traumatised it becomes impossible to move forward as well as the big issue of exhaustion and ‘burn-out’, to name a few.

I am incredibly grateful for the support of Waratah if someone is suicidal and only thinking of the way out of his or her plight through death. This remedy is indeed prescribed for ‘the black night of the soul’ and they can present with ‘frozen’ parts, such as the shoulders. I often begin these clients’ healing with this one powerful remedy to allow their spirit to reconnect before any other work is undertaken. I fully appreciate why this is the symbol for the ABFE.

Accessing the guidance from Boab when a client is enmeshed in terrible abusive, family situations assists them to understand insights of a bigger karmic family picture. In turn, they can live their lives in accordance with their own commitments and purpose whilst not carrying these negative traits into their own families or self.

Red Grevillea is invaluable in assisting clients, both male and female to be able to leave chronic difficult or abusive situations. Alternatively those that live lives of boredom or co-dependency and cannot be true to themselves, or people putting up with tyranny and intimidation, can feel brave and courageous, enabling them to take the steps to move forward, whether this be in work or at home.

Fringed Violet is remarkable in healing physical, emotional and mental distress as a consequence of the terrible abuse people experience. These have included cases of ‘date rape’, domestic violence, psychic and even spiritual abuse. This remedy works effectively alongside Wisteria, Billy Goat Plum and Wild Potato Bush. Also, I often prescribe Fringed Violet alongside Homeopathic Arnica if a client has been through a traumatic surgical/medical experience.

Macrocarpa, is one of the main remedies I use for physical, emotional or mental ‘burn-out’. As the cost of our ‘driven’ society is often placed on women, more and more clients are fatigued, exhausted and suffering a plethora of adrenal and thyroid related conditions. Alongside Banksia Robur and Old Man Banksia, these remedies firstly allow the need for rest, then consequently assist and uplift during times of stress, which in turn enables nurturing and repletion of lost energy stores. In conjunction with naturopathic medicines such as, herbs, vitamins and minerals this prescription provides very efficacious treatment for these conditions.

Bottlebrush helps clients enormously in letting go and breaking habits or offering assistance where there is resistance to changes. As we know emotional imbalances and feelings of being overwhelmed or resistance can create pain, restriction, tension and various other physical ailments.

Combined with Fringed violet, Bauhinia and/or Boronia these remedies are vital in my work, alongside Homeopathic and Bio-regulatory medicines in the treatment of pain, trauma and injuries. Additionally after healing occurs, these flowers can help deal with the ‘memory’ of the trauma that is often locked in the tissues and the energy field.

 Sturt Desert Pea, works very quickly for old deep emotional wounds and pain. This pain can also be locked up in and around the energy field of the client, dis-enabling them from achieving emotional maturity or personal growth. Often elements of anger and disappointment in males and females or deep hurt and regrets can lead to a lifetime of projecting that pain and hurt onto others. This remedy often with the help of Pink Mulla Mulla and Mountain Devil, allows the client peace of mind and a level of forgiveness that teaches them to trust, interact easily with others and move past these hurts and sorrows.

Another state of crises I often assist with is the raw grief and emotional intensity when a relationship has ended or couples are going through difficult times and transitioning. Red Suva Frangipani, is a necessity when a partner or loved one has died, or divorce and separation are inevitable and healing is required to help clients move past this stage and continue on without them. This remedy is often combined with Emergency Essence or Sturt Desert Pea and Boronia to assist with obsessive thoughts and pining for that loved one.

Dog Rose is another favourite remedy often prescribed when a client is terribly fearful and full of insecurities. This pattern generally presents itself with weight issues, accompanied by comfort eating or eating disorders. Combined with Five Corners and Kapok Bush, this formula helps clients to gain confidence in their journey of ‘who they are’ as well as their individual purpose. With the help of tools such as, counseling, encouragement and mindfulness, clients are able to gain insights into their phobias, fears and anxieties. This generates a broader picture, enabling them to understand the self-sabotage mechanisms at play in their lives and consequently gain personal self -love and acceptance to achieve their ideal weight.

Thank you Ian for such wonderful essences, so that practitioners like myself are able to assist and support clients to heal wounds and lead emotionally fulfilling lives for themselves and their families.


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