Understanding emotional and psychological problems through homeopathic remedies.

Thus, behind all disease lie our fears, anxieties, greed, likes and dislikes. Let us seek these out and heal them, and with the healing of them will go the disease from which we suffer.

Dr Edward Bach – The Twelve Healers

We are challenged daily with varying degrees of emotional and psychological problems, which represent an enormous part of my clinical practice. These may include; depression, sadness, anger, grief, irritability, feeling burdened, worry, mood swings, fears, phobias, anxiety, panic attacks, apathy, agitation, self-destruction, guilt, jealousy, love-hate afflictions, addAs we strive for physical health, we should not forgo or suppress our emotional health. Naturally we experience positive and fulfilling states and make the most of our lives but sometimes there is a myriad of reasons that individuals experience emotional and psychological problems during their lifetime. These can result from:

  1. Trauma, violence, intimidation, abuse -physical, emotional, sexual and mental.
  2. Inherited and acquired personality disorders, environmental conditions.
  3. Neglect, criticism, separation, isolation, phases of life and loss.
  4. Nutritional deficiencies, illness, Iatrogenic problems.
  5. Financial problems, overwork, working away from family, incarceration.
  6. Inability to cope and function in society.

When a homoeopathic case is taken, understanding and true assessment of the emotional and mental symptoms the person under goes is of prime significance. The ‘Remedy Picture’ of the medicine (developed through centuries of use, research, provings and clinical therapeutics), matches the client’s individual characteristics. When chosen, over a period of time, this high potency remedy (or remedies] will see in this order, mental, emotional then physical problems improve considerably. Homoeopathic medicine can be used with; counseling, mindfulness, physical therapies, nutritional and flower medicine, as well as orthodox Pharmacology, due to nil contraindications.

It is excellent for children and animals and is one of the most popular forms of medicine worldwide.

Useful Remedies showing characteristics important in Emotional Health.

Arnica- shock, trauma, disassociation and tissue damage; there may be indifference, irritability, forgetfulness, absent-mindedness, fear of death.

Arsenicum album – sadness and depression in fussy, tidy and restless types; there may be irritability, fidgeting, pacing and want to hurry everything up.

Aurum metallicum – sudden onset of sadness and depression, likened to a cloud descending. Feels worthless, despondent about everything and disgusted with life and self. May feel suicidal but fears death and unable to be still or be quiet.

Carcinosinum – past history or diagnosis of cancer, anticipatory anxiety, fastidious, suppression of desires, love of music and dancing which becomes survival mechanism, perfectionism.

Coffea – hypersensitivity to pain, all pain seems intolerable, abnormal mind chatter, irritability, anxiety comes quickly and produces restlessness and anguish, insomnia and guilt.

Ignatia – effects of grief, mood changes rapidly, easily offended, jealousy, guilt, sighing (long time after event), and hysterical depression, nervous cough.

Lachesis – never been well since menopause, feels worse in mornings, nightmares, suspicious, blueness tinge to skin, bloated within dislike of tight clothing, restlessness and talkative.

Nat Mur – bottled up fear, ill effects of grief, gets upset over little things, guilt, hate, resentment, worse for storms and sun, broods over the past, dislikes meat and bread.

Sepia – indifference or resentment towards loved ones, weakness, exhaustion and depression, will come alive with dancing or exercise.

Thuja – weeps easily, anxiety, makes mistakes in reading and writing, fears strangers, gets odd ideas about self.

Disclaimer: This represents only a snapshot of important remedies used for emotional and psychological problems, please do not self-prescribe and contact me on
07 5492 7223 for any queries. Seek the advice of a qualified Homeopath for assistance in any of these matters.

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