Shining a light on Relationships

If you need to build, maintain or end a relationship with another person, it is always necessary to understand the relationship you have with yourself within this dynamic. Maybe it is a partner, friend or relative that you are involved with. The feelings can be painful, intense, tumultuous, raw and will often expose the truth of who you are, especially if you are hiding behind your feelings and ‘real self’. Relationships can bring out; resentment, inability to relate, dis-connection, confusion, hatred, love, memories of past relationships and old patterns to name a few.

Flower remedies alongside specific counselling techniques, can shine some light on problems, patterns and self-responsibility, thereby helping to assist in any relationship dynamic. Here are a few examples:

Wedding Bush – This is an excellent remedy taken at the commencement of a relationship to dedicate and commit to another person. This remedy also works throughout the relationship even if one person has become infatuated with another and/or thinking of ending it. Taking Wedding Bush can help understand one’s own feelings and responsibility in this instance and can help re-commit to the long term goals of the relationship.

Bush Gardenia – Helps build up or maintain a relationship when you have been in the throes of one for some time and need something to assist with connection, communication and passion. It is an aphrodisiac remedy helping to improve communication and passion on many different levels.

Bottlebrush -is very relevant to many situations as ‘change’ is a constant in our lives and relationships. However we can often become overwhelmed by major changes and become resistant, blocked or stifled as a result of not going with these changes. For example, career, separation, moving, birth and death. This remedy helps with serenity, calmness and therefore the ability to transition and move on.

Red Suva Frangipani -helps with rough patches in relationships, with the emotional intensity of ending one, the loss of a loved one, the raw pain, grief and/or inability to move on. It can assist with calmness, inner peace and the ability and strength to cope.

Boab –it is only when we stop being imprisoned in negative thought patterns, created by past actions or negative family patterns, can we open up to far greater spiritual development, awareness and sensitivity particularly in relationships. The Boab Essence is very powerful in helping people who are experiencing or have experienced, abuse, persecution or prejudice, which is often the result of repetitive patterns that they may be trapped or immeshed in, thereby attracting them again in this lifetime or situation.

If any of these problems in your relationships need some shining light, contact Vanessa for a consultation or order one or a combination of these flower essences from the shop.

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