Understanding the endocrine System

How important is it? The endocrine system is a network of glands that help control the following processes and systems:Growth and developmentHomeostasis (the internal balance of body systems)Metabolism (body energy levels)ReproductionResponse to stimuli (stress and/or injury) The endocrine system performs these functions through glands, which are small but highly important organs that produce, store, and secrete hormonesContinue reading “Understanding the endocrine System”

Stress, Exhaustion and Depletion; the Dance of our Hormones

Stress, Exhaustion and Depletion – The Dance of our Hormones  Stress, exhaustion, weight issues, gut/immune and mood disorders are common presentations in clinic, existing as single presentations or as very complex problems. Generally clients have gone through extreme stress or have ongoing stress or trauma; they also have a feeling of ‘burn out’ or profoundContinue reading “Stress, Exhaustion and Depletion; the Dance of our Hormones”

Do you have Undiagnosed Thyroid Problems?

An increase of (mostly) women are presenting with undiagnosed or ‘subclinical’ thyroid problems. Their symptoms can be subtle or obvious; they present with one or more symptoms; their thyroid gland maybe over or under- active or fluctuate between. They are generally tired, moody and carrying extra weight, or thinner with heart racing, trembling and anxious.Continue reading “Do you have Undiagnosed Thyroid Problems?”