Pain & Injury

Biopuncture treatments are cutting edge for the healing of old patterns and injury.

Pain and Injury

Bio-Puncture uses small amounts of sterile saline solution injected subcutaneously (just below the skin), in conjuncture with oral homeopathic medicines. Depending on tissue type or organ requiring treatment, eg nerve, joint, muscle or liver, the injections and medicines stimulate a drainage and repair type program which is simple and very effective. Naturally symptoms are treated but Bio-Puncture goes further as deeper and more long lasting healing is facilitated.

What injuries can it help with?

  • Sprains, strains or bruising
  • Fractures
  • Joint pain – tendonitis, bursitis or frozen shoulder
  • Spasms – back, neck or leg
  • Back pain and disc problems
  • Mild to moderate arthritis
  • Scarring after surgery
  • Acute and chronic conditions
  • Trauma induced problems – previous accidents or injuries

Who can use Biopuncture?

It can be used in conjunction with conventional medicine, or as an alternative to it, and is suitable for anyone with pain or injury, acute or chronic.

It can be used to prevent surgical procedures and as a follow up after surgery, or when conventional medicine has not been effective and to facilitate healing so the injury does not become chronic.

There are no side effects with Biopuncture so it is a very safe option for pain and inflammation.

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