Herbal Medicine Alive

Herbal Medicine Alive is a (personal) community garden project connecting gardens throughout the sunshine coast. It is a project to inspire and increase knowledge regarding the growing of herbal medicines. I like to give talks and advice particularly as to the appropriate plants that grow easily and flourish in the local weather conditions.

Here is a list of my suggestions for a complete herbal medicine chest in your garden/s.

 Aloe Vera   Basil   Bay   Bergamot  Calendula  Celery   Chilli   Comfrey   Chickweed   Chicory  Coriander   Dandelion   Elder Flower   Dill   Dock-Yellow   Echinacea   Evening Primrose  Fennel  Fenugreek  Feverfew  Garlic   Geranium   Ginger   Globe Artichoke   Gotu Kola    Horseradish   Horsetail   Lavender   Lemon Balm   Lemongrass   Lime Flower   Marshmallow   Milk Thistle   Motherwort   Mullein   Mustard  Nasturtium   Nettle  Parsley  Paw Paw   Peppermint   Radium Weed   Rosemary   Sage   Sorrel  Sweet Violet   Tansy   Thyme   Tea-Tree   Tumeric   Valerian   Vervain   Wormwood   Yarrow   


Encourage, Educate and Empower

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